Facebook and instagram down today

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Instagram, Facebook experience server issues; users report page loading problems

Instagram, Facebook experience server issues; users report page loading problems. Meta is yet to issue statement on the issue.

Facebook and Instagram Down News Today: Prominent social apps Facebook and Instagram witnessed a technical snag on Tuesday causing a panic among the people who have been using the application for a long time now. People were wondering why the Facebook and Instagram App were not working. In the meanwhile, people took to X, formerly known as ‘Twitter’, to express their disappointment after ‘Facebook and Instagram’ went down and the news hit headlines as to know why are these apps not working.  

One of the users wrote, “Facebook and Instagram is not working.” One another wrote: “Facebook and Instagram, What Happened?”  Social media giants Facebook and Instagram experienced outages in India and various other regions worldwide on Tuesday evening. Users reported encountering login difficulties on both platforms, with many being unexpectedly logged out of their accounts. Additionally, some individuals faced challenges in refreshing Instagram pages.Users are experiencing a range of problems, including being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook accounts, preventing them from logging back in. Likewise, Instagram users are facing challenges in refreshing their feeds, with some individuals unable to load stories and comments. Threads, a Meta-developed app, is also encountering a complete shutdown, displaying an error message when launched.

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