Lets start I’m going to explain how apply for second and fourth exam.

After failing 1st attempt or 3rd attempt, we have to apply for next exam which is 2nd and 4th attempt with in 30 days for UPDA MMUP exam.

After failing we need to apply for through online ,ministry will provide one Arabic letter  we need to upload with in 30 days through mmm.gov.qa website.

 Please note that this process might be changed by MMUP/MME any time including the website .

**You may take Re-test if you fail to clear the UPDA MMUP exam 1st and 3rd chance .it is called as Grievance.

** Need to apply within a month from your failed exam date.

  You can apply through online.

Please follow given procedure.

1- open www.mmup.gov.qa

2- then click below yellows area

Then they will direct to this page where you can choose your appeal for apply exam.

** 1st option is for those who fail the exam. After choose your option you can upload any supporting documents like certificate or ID. Prepare your letter first in English then translate to Arabic. once you finalize your letter just copy and paste to the box. MMUP exam appeal .

**After clicking summit you should keep and see this page confirming that your appeal has been registered. And appeal request number will be shown .

I request you to print this page for your exam future reference another option is screen shoot.  

** wait for the next message informing you of the schedule of exam/interview.

** good luck I believe the MMUP UPDA MME are exerting their effort to have this in other language also.

The application and renewal already in English version .hopefully the English version for the appeal should be out soon.

**  again please note this process might be changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the website and it appearance . this is guidance only .

** anyone can re-blog this and share .if you have other information that could help our challenge please put it in comment below.

Thank You

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